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Personal Training

Want to feel comfy in your own skin?

Ready to shed those extra kilos that have crept up on you?

Let’s kick blame to the curb, and say hello to accountability. No one wants a “new you” more than you! So, ask yourself…”What do I want to accomplish?”

THE GOOD NEWS: As well as increasing energy and fitness levels, strength training can reduce the risk of developing, and help in the management of, age-related health conditions, including osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, chronic heart disease, menopause, and depression.

THE GREAT NEWS: With the right guidance, strength training can even help reverse physical and mental aging and decrease body fat and stress. Definitely great news, right?

I want to help you boost muscle tone and endurance, get in shape, and feel healthier. Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is usually the most challenging element of this whole process – but it doesn’t have to be “mission impossible.”

When I headed to the gym for that first one-hour workout, my life truly changed!

And YOURS can too!

• We’ll have an initial consultation and fitness assessment.
• I’ll design a workout specifically for your fitness level and goals.
• Each time we meet, I’ll demonstrate step-by-step, complete upper and lower body workouts.
• Our workouts will incorporate a variety of equipment for full body resistance work-outs,
including pin loaded machines, free weights, medicine balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands.

From beginners to 20-year veterans, EVERY WOMAN is WELCOME!

This isn’t just a weight change – it’s a lifestyle change!

I’ll work with you to reach your goals. We’re a team, and I will be there every step of the way to guide you. Some days I will be “The Cheerleader”…and others, “The Enforcer” to keep you on track. But we will get there…together!

All my personalised fitness programs include solo time in my private fitness studio. In optimal comfort, we’ll discuss fitness, diet, and nutrition coaching – with a goal setting consultation and 1:1 support throughout the entire process. I’m a strong believer in fitness for women of all ages, and I have developed fitness programs to suit every woman in any stage of her life.

To lose weight and get healthy you need the right combination of both diet and exercise.

My Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program includes:
• Cardio exercises for burning fat, supporting respiratory fitness, and developing a healthy
cardiovascular system
• Strength / weight training to help build bone density, boost muscle mass, improve stamina,
and aid correct posture
• Balance / flexibility training to improve core strength and reduce the risk of pain and injury
• 25-page Guide – packed with helpful information on how to get started, plan, prepare, and use
nutrition guidelines (PLUS some of my favourite recipes).

YOUR personalised program will feature the perfect mix of each of these fitness and exercise components to support your goals and success.

Ready to banish those extra kilos for good?

There’s no time like…well, NOW!

Contact me today to get started on the “NEW YOU!”

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