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Embracing Menopause – The “Me-NO-Pause” Guide

Are you struggling with menopause? Are you sick of hot flushes? Does everything make you feel emotional? Are you tired of feeling bloated and generally yucky? Do you wish you just knew how to manage your mid-life changes?

Me-NO-Pause is a menopause guide that tells things like it is and offers raw, real help for women who are making the transition and suffering through the worst symptoms.

Menopause was a difficult change for me as I struggled with serious hot flushes, brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, cravings, sleeplessness, excessive bleeding, heart palpations, sadness, and mood swings. The list seemed endless and no one seemed to really understand what I was going through, or they weren’t willing to talk openly about it.

I became increasingly isolated and felt miserable going through the massive hurdles and challenges that used to be simple daily tasks. Already struggling with my weight, more kilos piled on throughout menopause and I ate to console myself. It felt like there was nothing that I could do and all of the practitioners that I met with could only offer chemicals in a pill bottle.

In 2009, I decided to stand up for my health and happiness and regain control. It was a long journey, but I finally realized that menopause was not the end of the world and, with the right attitude, I could face its challenges just as I had in any other stage of life. Simple lifestyle changes radically changed my symptoms and I learned how to conquer and embrace menopause.

You deserve to have a healthy comfortable life and I’m passionate about sharing my discoveries of alternative options and guidance so that you never have to put your life on hold. Me-NO-Pause is full of nutrition tips and hints to help you look and feel sexy again, mood solutions to feel more in control of your emotions, exercise tips and strategies to put a spring in your step, sleep tips to reenergize and focus you, and supportive motivation strategies so that you can achieve all of your goals – even at a ‘certain age’!


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What others are saying about Me No Pause

I have found your book to be wonderful! Well done and congratulations Carolyn.
The world needs more women like yourself. Lyn (Menofitness – www.menofitness.net)

Firstly, congratulations on a top read; I found it chatty, witty, informative, practical and, most importantly, positive. My personal highlights include: You emphasising that not everything works for everyone, and that these change over time; your explanation of acid and alkaline and your helpful ideas; highlighting how misleading food labels can be; the concept of embracing your age and your experiences making you who you are (love the “botoxing yourself into faux youth’ versus putting ‘character in your expression’) and finally acknowledging gratitude and kindness. Kim (Journalist)

I’ve only gotten through half or so of the book (but seriously I’ve had a book of mine come back from my co-authors and I have to read it and we are on a tight deadline – my book is more boring than this one). I’m only in my mid-40’s and haven’t hit menopause yet so found it very informative. Chris

I really enjoyed the conversational nature of the book and learnt a bit on the side.  You have done a great job –  thank you for sharing – it was a light, enjoyable book on what can be a heavy topic. Judy

I have read several books on aging and menopause and while informative tend to be lengthy and a bit academic. This is a very empowering little book, gets straight to the point and tells me what I need to know in 28 pages. After-all, we women of a certain age can’t concentrate for more than 28 pages at a time! I found the book has a very easy style and enjoyed the light hearted approach. I can see it becoming “the book”, recommended by health practitioners. Best of luck with getting this little gem published. Menopause. Bring it on! Marissa


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