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Kitchen Makeover

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat” and probably accept that it’s true. So if you’re wondering how to get started on the road to amazing health and vitality, let’s begin by doing a kitchen makeover. I will guide you through a kitchen makeover that gives you a hands-on, realistic approach to excellent nutrition.

You’ll start with an inventory of what you eat now and how your current food choices affect your health and then you’ll rebuild your kitchen from the ground up. Don’t worry it’s not a long drawn-out process. All you need is a day, or a weekend, and you’ll be on the road to excellent health and peak physical and mental performance!

As you make over your kitchen, you will learn the best, most nutritious, most sustainable, fun and delicious ways to love yourself with real, good food. You’ll to adjust what’s in your fridge and cupboards in a way that is not just about a ‘one time fix’, but in a way that’s sustainable.

Even the most compelling book won’t cause you to make drastic changes in the way you eat, but what this one will give you is a way to easily incorporate positive changes into your lifestyle. I promise it will be fun and doable, no matter your schedule and current eating habits!

I’m a big fan of simplicity and that’s got to be good thing when it’s rare to have a lot of spare time for preparing elaborate meals. You can get great nutrition by sticking to a few simple, wholesome ingredients and keeping the cooking to a minimum.

Change is never easy and I will not put you in the position of not knowing what to do next. My book won’t just say, “Eat this, it’s good for you,” without also giving you a delicious, simple recipe that you’ll love to prepare for your family.

It doesn’t just say, “Add more vegetables to your diet,” because I know that unless you’re a natural at cooking, you might think that your only choices are to eat more salad, and that’s not a realistic expectation for most people. The truth is, the world is a culinary wonderland where amazing, delicious and easy recipes abound, and I won’t leave you wondering how to prepare unfamiliar foods!

The book will begin by taking apart the eating habits you have now, and then introduce some realistic changes that won’t leave you – or your family – wanting to stage a mutiny! Together, we’ll create a kitchen that sets you up for success, whether your goal is weight loss, excellent health, getting out of a boring eating rut or supporting athletic goals.

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Good food and a healthy lifestyle come from kitchen that’s designed to help you only put things on the table that are truly right for you and your family, and the best place to start is with my book ‘Kitchen Makeover’ – so why not buy a copy right now?

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