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Food Coaching

Ready to transform into the healthiest version of YOU?

Close that Kitchen Cupboard…It’s time to LOVE Your FOOD!

The food you eat can change your life…for the better or the worst!

That’s why my 1:1 food coaching is designed to meet your personal goals and needs, and…

Together, we’ll develop a plan that’s right for you.

As a certified holistic food coach, I’ll help you find the food and lifestyle choices that best support your lifestyle and goals. You’ll receive a wealth of fun, easy-to-prepare recipes and grocery shopping tips – plus discover new super foods to incorporate into your meals.

Got cravings? I’ll help you understand why they occur and how to combat them to stay on track. Ultimately, any successful, long-term changes will occur only when you learn how to live a happy, healthy life that is flexible and responsible, but without denial or extreme discipline!

Because you have to enjoy your life (and your food), right?

Whether your goal is to manage your weight, address a particular health concern, or simply to improve your eating habits, I am here to help YOU!

We’ll approach nutrition by looking at calories, carbs, fats, proteins. But instead of making lists of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” foods, we’ll simply create a free, flexible, and fun way of enjoying your food.

No one diet works for everyone…Because you’re unique!

So, let’s find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Investing in your health with my 60-DAY WELLNESS PLAN is going to give you instant access to:
• Weekly check-in phone calls
• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas + my favourite recipes
• Grocery lists
• Recommended snack ideas
• A free copy of my ‘Kitchen Makeover’ book – a hands-on, realistic approach to excellent nutrition

Are you ready for THE conversation that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

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