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Weight Loss

Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Weight Loss

The billion-dollar diet industry tells you to swallow this, eat only this, drink only this, deprive yourself of this and you will be instantly three dress sizes lower. Losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution yet, according to Jessica Bartfield MD, only 20 percent of people achieve successful weight loss and maintenance.

So this is not yet another diet book to gather dust on your shelf as you contemplate the weight you’ve put back on … it’s an anti-diet book. It’s one that will help you create your own successful and permanent weight loss strategy in a way that works for real people with tight schedules and budgets, family and work obligations.

You will learn how easy it is to create a healthy lifestyle and stick with it for the rest of your life. No more yo-yo dieting. No more starvation and deprivation. No more frustration… just a series of small changes over time that will have permanent results.

Most people diet to lose weight, but nutritionists agree that most diets don’t work! The truth is that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to create a healthy lifestyle and stick with it. Here’s just a taster, sorry about the pun, for the kind of things you’ll get from this book:

Diets give you short-term ‘quick fix’ focus by turning your eating habits upside down for a few weeks. You lose weight fast, but if you don’t address the reasons you gained weight in the first place you’ll soon revert to your old habits and the weight will come back – often even more.

Solution: identify the reasons for your choices and commit to a long-term lifestyle change.

Most people have no idea how many calories and the quality of the calories they actually consume.

Solution: keep a food diary and write down everything you eat to become aware of what, and how much, you actually put in your mouth. You may also overestimate how many calories you burn during exercise so look up how many calories are used during the types of exercise you do.

Diets don’t satisfy you and they put your body into fat-storage mode. If you suddenly cut your portions in half, your body will automatically start storing fat because it believes it’s in a period of famine. This is an unavoidable evolutionary fact. Constant hunger will test even the most resolute willpower!

Solution: slowly, gradually decrease portion sizes. Invest in a smaller dinner plate – it works wonders!

Diets focus on “weight loss” instead of “fat loss”. If you consume too few calories, you will run low on energy, making it hard to exercise. You’ll lose weight fast, but losing muscle mass is unhealthy and slows your metabolism, making it extremely easy to put the weight back on.

Solution: Eat the proper mix of macronutrients (energy) and micronutrients (cellular support) to fuel your activities, so you build lean muscle as you lose fat.

Diets don’t always teach you the right way to eat -what, how much, when.

Solution: graze. Eat a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up, and small meals every few hours instead of huge coma-inducing meals that make you lethargic and spike your blood sugar.

Diets don’t take into account your unique lifestyle. A diet focused only on what you put in your mouth does not address how much you exercise, your stress levels, etc.

Solution: eat right; manage stress; get enough sleep and incorporate weight training into your fitness plan.

Most importantly, you create what you think about.

Solution: use your mind as a tool to create a happy, healthy new lifestyle – helping you create a mindset that desires exercise and healthy food! It works, and you will succeed.

So if you’re fed up with yo-yo diets and what I’ve said here resonates with you, what are you waiting for?


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