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You New “Life Change” Teammate

“The Old Not-So-Savvy Me”

Incredibly active? Yes, I was! In my younger years, I was a sprinter and competitive hockey player and then…Well, life got in the way. Ever been there? In my early thirties, my energy levels along with my desire to exercise (and my health) just plummeted.

I traded in my active, youthful lifestyle for my overweight, out of shape twin. Ugh! Alcohol, sleeping pills, depression, laziness, and isolation consumed me.

So, when was my big “AHA” moment? My pre-menopausal epiphany: I suddenly realized my insecurities were holding me back from living life…MY LIFE! I was overdue for happiness…overdue for a change!

And, as they say, the rest is history. I changed my eating / drinking habits, started exercising, and lost OVER 30kgs. I loved the new me – and thus I wanted to inspire other women – just like myself – to start their new life journey…towards health and happiness!

“The New Oh-So-Sassy Me”

Changing your life is truly a challenge – and that’s why I created New Horizon Fitness. The “new me” is passionate about sharing my journey with other women and inspiring their life changes.

Knowledge and accountability is power, right? So, you’re less likely to throw in the towel if you have the dedicated support and guidance of another woman (especially a feisty one like me)!

So, how am I different? Because YOUR success is MY success! We are a TEAM!

My studio, built on two acres of private gardens, creates a non-threatening, supportive environment where you can be vulnerable without judgement and gain confidence over time. Located in the beautiful Highland Park, Queensland, my Personal Training will equip you with all of the tools, knowledge, and know-how to reach your health goals in the fitness centre and at the dinner table.

It’s all about baby steps and little victories! So, let’s get steppin’ together!

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